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Shoulder arthroscopy is a procedure that allows surgeons to view and correct shoulder injuries using less invasive techniques than traditional surgery. Arthroscopic procedures use a tiny camera tool to view the interior of the joint without the need for a large surgical opening.

If you experience a shoulder injury, your doctor may recommend an arthroscopic procedure to relieve pain and improve your range of motion. Dr. Ravindra Gupta is expert in diagnosing shoulder pain and performing arthroscopic procedures. If you are having serious shoulder pain, he will find the least invasive, most effective treatment method possible to help you.

Arthroscopic Shoulder Treatments

Arthroscopic procedures are useful for treating various conditions, most of which are related to the soft tissues, cartilage, and tendons of the shoulder. Some of the most common arthroscopic shoulder treatments are listed below:

  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Bone spur removal
  • Labrum removal or repair
  • Ligament repair
  • Removal of loose cartilage
  • Repair for recurrent dislocation or shoulder instability

Surgery will only be recommended if your condition is not improved through nonsurgical treatments such as physical therapy, rest, or medication management. Fortunately, arthroscopic surgery is much easier on the body than other procedures, allowing you to heal faster and return to your normal routine more quickly.

No matter what procedure you need, you will likely have to do an exercise program to help you regain strength and range of motion in your shoulder. Immediately after surgery, you may have to wear a sling to prevent too much movement or stress on the shoulder. Your doctor will discuss your recovery plan from start to finish when you come in for your pre-surgical consultation appointment.

Arthroscopic Surgery in Indore

Dr. Ravindra Gupta is expert at performing arthroscopic surgeries to help relieve pain and improve mobility. He works with professional athletes, active individuals, or anyone in need of relief from the wear and tear on their shoulders. Feel free to give us a call to find out if arthroscopic surgery is right for you.