Total Shoulder Replacement

Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery in Indore

Shoulder replacements can differ depending on your condition. In general, total shoulder replacement is the most common type, though some patients opt for reverse total shoulder arthroscopy or other procedures. In total shoulder replacement procedures, the surgeon will replace the damaged ball and socket of the shoulder with a prosthetic ball and socket joint. Usually, the ball is made of smooth metal, and the socket is a more pliable plastic material.

The patient will be under anesthesia during the surgery to prevent any discomfort. The entire procedure typically takes about two hours.

During recovery, you will likely have medication to control pain and prevent infection. You will need a sling to protect your shoulder for a while, and you will not be allowed to pick up anything heavier than a glass of water for the first few weeks. Exercises and physical therapy will also be very important for your overall recovery. Your doctor will be happy discuss your rehabilitation plan with you during your pre-surgery consultation.

Total Shoulder Replacement in Indore, India

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