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Shoulder joint replacement surgery is an effective way to relieve shoulder pain and improve function when medications and other nonsurgical treatments are no longer effective. Dr. Ravindra Gupta offers shoulder replacement procedures. Shoulder replacements are less common than other joint procedures, such as knee or hip replacement.

When to Consider Shoulder Replacement

Some signs that you may need a shoulder replacement are listed below:

  • When pain or injuries make it impossible to perform everyday activities
  • If your shoulder pain makes it difficult or impossible to grab things from a cabinet, wash yourself, or get dressed, you should seek medical care
  • Moderate to severe pain while resting
  • If pain while resting is serious, or if it prevents you from sleeping soundly, you should consider surgical treatment
  • General weakness or loss of motion in the shoulder
  • If these or other symptoms are not relieved by medication management, exercises, or other nonsurgical measures, talk to your doctor about shoulder replacement surgery.
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