Ankle treatment surgery cost in Indore

Ankle Replacement Surgery is commonly known as Ankle Arthroplasty. It is the replacement of an ankle joint damaged by arthritis with a prosthesis which is made of plastic and metal. The ankle joint is a joint where your shinbone rests it is on top of a bone of your foot, known as the talus. Ankle Replacement Surgery helps to remove pain, swelling and preserve motion in the arthritic ankle joint.

Why does ankle arthritis happen?

The commonest reason that wear happens within the ankle is previous trauma to the ankle, such as an ankle fracture. You may have experienced a nasty sprain, even years ago, that created some initial damage the joint surfaces, you may have experienced some instability in your ankle, or have kept going over on it.

Once the ankle is worn, it becomes painful and sometimes, despite physiotherapy, injections, or even keyhole surgery, you might find yourself with two options.

Either, you have a fusion of the ankle joint (which may be the best option for you), or, you might be suitable for ankle replacement surgery.