A healthy and robust set of bonuses offers structure to your body, and it will also protect the internal organs and anchor the muscles. Simultaneously, a strong set of bones is required for good balance, posture, and strength.


Foods rich in protein can be broken down into amino acids, which contribute to building all body’s cells. We need an average of 46 g to 56g of this nutrient per day to sustain the health of bone marrow and other tissues. Some good sources of protein you can find include vegetables, legumes, dairy foods, fish, poultry, and meat.

Folic Acid

It is noted that B vitamin folic acid is vital for the bone marrow’s red blood cell-producing ability. A folic acid deficiency can cause megaloblastic anemia, in which the bone marrow can make significant and abnormally-developed red blood cells. It can also lead to fewer red blood cells that deprive the cells inside our body of adequate nutrients and oxygen.


Bone marrow relies on food items with certain nutritional substances to make it healthy and function well. Suppose you are in a recovery process from a bone marrow-related condition. In that case, doctors may suggest consuming or taking more of these essential minerals and vitamins, and other nutrients.

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