Signs you Should Never Ignore and Visit your Orthopedic Specialist

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You have more than 300 bones and joints in your body. If just one of them isn’t functioning correctly, you could be in for pain and discomfort. What does an orthopedic doctor do? An orthopedic doctor specializes in these bones and joints’ health and can help diagnose and treat your ailments. Knowing when to contact an orthopedist isn’t always easy, but these five signs are a sure indication to pick up the phone and call.


Do you feel shaky or wobbly when performing essential functions like standing, walking, sitting down, or standing up? This is a sure sign that something is wrong with your joints. Your best option is to consult with a medical professional to determine the cause of your instability and work on correcting it.

Pain is becoming Chronic.

Chronic pain is often defined as any pain lasting longer than 12 weeks. Experiencing a few days of discomfort is one thing, but after several weeks and months of it, you should strongly consider seeking professional help.

Everyday tasks are a struggle.

Bone and joint discomfort are typical in older people, but they should not inhibit your daily activities. If you struggle to perform simple tasks like climbing stairs or walking your dog, you should see an orthopedist.

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