When physical therapy, injections, drugs, and other walking aids are no longer effective in relieving knee pain, knee replacement surgery may be your final resort.

There are a few additional symptoms that indicate you should have knee replacement surgery right away. Therefore, we will explore the top indications below!

Constant discomfort: It is normal to experience knee pain following an injury, but if it persists after a few weeks or months, you should seek medical attention. You will eventually need painkillers because this ongoing pain will only get worse with time. Surgery on the knee may be able to relieve the ongoing knee pain.

Difficulty moving: At this point, you should think about having knee surgery if you discover that standing or walking causes you excruciating pain and you have started to avoid it. Movement difficulty is another indication that you should pay attention to.

Instability: If your knee hurts, you’d undoubtedly agree that it feels unstable and might give way at any moment. You may start to limp as a result of this. Every year that goes by, more people talk about this issue. You would eventually need a walking cane or some form of assistance to help you stand or walk. If this applies to you as well, you should think about getting a knee replacement and talk to your orthopaedic specialist in Indore about the tests that can verify it.

Nothing works any longer: This is one of the most obvious indications that you require immediate consultation with an orthopaedic physician in order to undergo the procedure. You should think about having knee replacement surgery if all of your medications or physical therapies fail to relieve your knee pain, as this may be the only option left to you.

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