Even adults frequently complain about pain in their knee joints. Overuse of the knee joints from regular activities like walking, standing, or stair climbing may be the cause of this pain.

Not only do the elderly complain about persistent knee discomfort; but many athletes, particularly runners, also mention joint problems (due to wear and tear of joints). Even though painful knee joints are a relatively typical problem that, for the most part, doesn’t impair the health of our joints, in some circumstances, they can be an indication of disabling health issues like arthritis.

Your regular activities can be hampered by severe and persistent joint discomfort. You can meet with the top knee replacement surgeon in Indore if you have arthritis or any incapacitating knee disease.

When Osteoarthritis Causes Knee Pain

Three bones make up our knee joint: the patella (kneecap), the tibia (shin bone), and the femur (thigh bone). If someone has osteoarthritis, the thin synovia (lining between knee joints filled with fluids that lubricate the knee joint) and cartilage of the knee joint will also be affected.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis

There are four phases of osteoarthritis in the knee joints, the first of which has extremely mild or non-existent symptoms while the second and third stages may necessitate knee replacement surgery.

  • Severe and ongoing pain
  • Swelling which makes your knee puffy
  • Popping sound in knee joints
  • Stiffness in knee joints which may require braces
  • Inflammation in knee joints due to eradication of cartilage

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