The most common treatment for bone fractures is to reset the bone, which sometimes requires surgery. Failure to reset a broken bone can mean that the bone can heal improperly. You’re also at an increased risk of infection and other complications such as blood clots and damage to the surrounding tissue.

Physiotherapy might help

Physical therapy is a crucial component of recovery after a fracture. Physical therapy helps you regain strength and function, but it can also decrease any pain after the fracture. You may find physical therapy a bit uncomfortable at first, but it’s essential to push through it.

Home alterations to comfort

Your home is most likely not designed for someone with limited mobility. You’ll need someone to help you rearrange or clean up your space. Ensure there’s a clear pathway through all rooms that will allow you to maneuver if you’re on crutches.

Set your meals

If you usually have to prepare meals for yourself or others, you’ll likely need help after a bone fracture. If possible, ask for others in your household to assist you. If you live alone, take people up on their offers to help or ask them to bring you a meal—plan on preparing small, easy-to-make meals for yourself.

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