Even adults frequently complain about pain in their knee joints. This pain could be caused by overuse of the knee joints as a result of regular activities such as walking, standing, or stair climbing.

Not just the elderly worry about continuous knee discomfort; many athletes, particularly runners, also express concern about joint pain (due to wear and tear of joints). Even though a painful knee joint is a typical occurrence that is generally harmless to our joints’ health, it can be a sign of disabling health disorders such as arthritis in some situations.

Joint discomfort that is severe and persistent might make it difficult to go about your everyday activities. If you have arthritis or any debilitating knee issue, you should seek advice from best knee replacement surgeon in Indore.

Osteoarthritis Symptoms

There are four phases of osteoarthritis of the knee joints; the first stage has very mild symptoms or none at all, whereas the second and third stages may necessitate knee replacement surgery.

  • Continual and severe pain
  • Swelling causes your knee to puff up.
  • Knee joints make a popping sound.
  • Knee joint stiffness that may need the use of braces
  • Inflammation of the knee joints as a result of cartilage loss
  • Staying active can make pain go away or grow worse.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis vary from person to person.

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